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Fritz Stadelhofer

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June 2012

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Kenny again declared this year's trip "EPIC"

The Boys Trip this Year was June 19th - 24nd, 2012
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Welcome to the boys trip...

A little history, as I understand it. Uncle Fritz and some friends were told, in no uncertain terms, to take the boys with them on their annual fishing/drinking/gambling trip to the High Sierra's. The first trips were to the Taylor's Lake area and packing was pretty simple; beer, beer, and more beer. With the kids coming along, a loaf of bread and some bologna was thrown in. Fishing was the only thing that interrupted the card games, you could drink beer while performing either activity and that was the order of the day.

The trip grew in size and eventually was moved to Antelope Lake. Other activities were added, horseshoes and boating. Both of these could be done with a beer in the hand. More bologna and bread was set out for the kids and red licorice was added at some point.

Members of the group took on many responsibilities. Cooking became organized and a routine developed. There is a night for elk stew, Friday's require chicken and ribs, and "S" is for Saturday and Steaks. Bologna sandwiches have been supplemented with hamburgers, chicken, salami, etc. You can have "s'mores" around the campfire late at night. Take a look at the food section and you will even find bananas pancakes, as well as a selection of fruit. Most mornings include pancakes and "made to order" omlettes.

Fritz must be smiling every year as he sees all the activities for the kids. There is a kids horseshoe tournament, fishing contest, and the "only at Fathers and Sons" Pine Cone Toss. Bragging rights are earned and cash monies are won by sons as dads enjoy watching. There is lots of time for "son on dad" activities like fishing, learning liar's dice, playing golf, and even watching walk-in-movies.

All of those lucky enough to participate, give their thanks to the mom's that forced Fritz and his friends to grab the boys and start this tradition.


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