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 Message from Tim..........................

Tim and Ron take care of the
paper work.

Dan and Tim make executive decisions.


Another good year and thanks to everybody for their help, as usual it is the efforts of all those involved that makes the trip so special.

A few highlights this year were.
.......A lot fish were caught.
.......No fire damage in camp.
.......A lot of young kids.
.......Running hot water and sink.
.......Friday night movie.

I understand the Golf course at Taylorsville is a big success and the kids get a chance to play. The horseshoe, fishing, and cribbage tournaments went off as usual and the kids picked up a lot of cash with the pine cone toss.

The numbers for trip are just about perfect for the site and the parking. With the group that we have there is room for members to bring an extra kid or grandfather, but we do not expect to be adding any new family groups. When the time comes that there is room, I will ask those that have been coming for a long time and have not added anyone for a long while. There is no need to call and ask. We need to leave room for the grandkids that will be showing up.

The new web site looks great, Jeff and Derek have really put a lot of thought into it and could use your help. Send them stories and photos and they will add them to the site. Sent your email address to Jeff and he will notify you with website updates, click on link on home page.

I can not think of any significant improvements that we should consider. If you have any comments or suggestions email them to me.


Disclaimer: None of this was written by Tim but I think I heard him say some of these things at some point...editor.