Horseshoes 1
  Fathers and Sons "the boys trip"
Antelope Lake

Founded in 1954


Fritz Stadelhofer


Clyde and Matt have run the "Fathers and Sons Horseshoe Tournament" for...whenever it started. The Trophy keeps getting taller as room is made for the names of the latest winners. The trophy is only a reminder of which team won or lost you $$$. Howie the bookmaker was usually setting the odds

Rod Taylor and Derek



  Oh Baby, Baby!!!!!

It is hard to be at Father Son's without Rod Taylor. Day after day, Rod would tell us stories and make us laugh with his jokes. When Rod would laugh, it was impossible to not join in. Rod was the best friend of many, even if it was only for a short few days every year.  The horseshoe tournament will never be quite the same without the Chillcoat Butterfly floating its way to another ringer.  Those who play cards may now have a better chance of winning a few bucks, but each player will never regret the monies lost in exchange for Rod's company.

We will honor Rod every year with a few "Baby, Baby's" and a shake of the belly.