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  Fathers and Sons "the boys trip"
Antelope Lake

Founded in 1954


Fritz Stadelhofer

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Derek, Jeff and Dustin on their second trip to Fathers and Sons. Jeff had hair and Derek was the smallest of the three.

Derek and his grandfather, Papa (Dick). After all these years we finally got Papa to come and join us. 2007 is his first visit, and he hasn't stopped talking about it yet.

  Thank you Ron Ringen.....  

I am not sure of the exact year Ron invited me and the boys to "the boy's trip" for the first time. I am guessing it was 1986, I think Dusty was 6 years old and Derek is a year and half younger. Like all first timers, I hardly knew anyone but quickly made friends with everyone. The first trip up, I got there before Ron arrived and did not have a clue what to do. An older man came over and asked it the boys had ever been down to the lake and then took them off exploring. That is how we met Uncle Fritz, I later found out his name.
The first year is a blur, with fishing, boating, eating and drinking. I did not join in on the horseshoe tournament, I was not worthy, and stayed away from the cards. It was the second year that I felt a little more comfortable and tried to lend a hand, I helped cook and clean up. It was this trip, while gathering pine cones, that I enlisted the help of the kids and the "Pine Cone Toss" was born. My friend Craig and I find it rewarding to continue this to this day. We also started the horseshoe tournament for the kids.
My second year, we had well over a 100 people in camp and the decision was made to un invite the latest additions and the announcement was made. "If you are new, thanks for coming but we are not sure you can come back next year due to numbers." I could understand this and was talking to Fritz about how I understood and was glad to be able to come for the last two years. Fritz said he appreciated my efforts with the kids and he would put in a good word for me. I did not really know who Fritz was or his role, I thought Ringen was in charge. Surprise......We were invited back, and have been grateful every since.'re under arrest......  

Dustin, Derek, and Davin set up an elaborate ambush of the camp pigs. It was a water balloon ambush between camp and the cove. Somehow the camp pigs, Bruce and Dave, were suspicious of the set up and brought water balloons of their own and a war followed. It ended up in the cove and everybody got very wet. Well this total disrespect for authority was abhorred and at the Saturday night awards, the boys were invited up to receive their "special award for originality" when they were arrested and court was convened. Fritz the Judge presided complete with a hangs man noose. Gil was the prosecuting attorney and began the proceedings with "Boy's, Boy's, Boy's.. what troubles you have brought onto yourselves" and started to present his case when Fritz said "Hang'em" and Roy, acting as defense attorney was dismissed. The boy's pleaded guilty and the sentence was reduced to all night in jail. Tim did tell Derek he could go sleep with his Dad if he got scared, but his heartless Dad made him spend the night in jail with the rest of them. Now the boys have begun to question why the pigs were suspicious and came armed with their own water balloons, it was like someone tipped them off, but I explained Dave and Bruce are very sharp. My story, and I am sticking to it.